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As part of our commitment to People, Planet and Performance, Mars Sustainable Solutions’ Mariculture Program is developing technologies and business models which help restore stock to our marine environments or provide alternative livelihoods to illegal fishing practices, specifically the Coral Triangle. 

Project areas include developing systems to restore the coral reef, developing scalable and sustainable community based fishery models, and engaging with local universities and NGOs to provide education and training related to the programs.

Coral Triangle Facts:

  • There is more marine biodiversity in the Coral Triangle than any other place in the world

  • Over 40% of the world’s tuna spawn in the coral triangle each year

  • Over 500 Million people’s direct livelihoods are based on fishing and tourism in the Coral Triangle 

  • The average fisherman earns less than $2(US) per day

  • Many people illegally engage in the practice of dynamite blasting the ocean floor or pouring cyanide into the ocean in order to quickly kill and retrieve fish to sell on the open and “Wild Caught” market

  • The coral reefs are being devastated at an alarming and unsustainable rate 

  • Although some damage is due to climate change, more is due to preventable human action

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 Investments & Partnerships

Mars Sustainable Solutions has developed a unique partnership with the Konsortium Mitra Bahari to educate farmers.  Through the direct efforts of Mars, a new marine education facility is being built on the island of Barrang Lompo near the port city of Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia.  This education center has the potential to house hundreds of students and teach them sustainable farming practices.

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